Ossiplast SRL, which was founded in 1978 based on the experience and enthusiasm of the father, Bruno Ossi, works in the field of injection moulding of plastic materials for third parties.

Located in Copparo, in the Province of Ferrara, the small company, which specialises in moulding thermoplastic resins, became established in the 1970s in the field of compression moulding of phenolic resins, due to its continuous research and innovation.

Strengthened by its own strategies, the company extended its production to injection moulding of technopolymers at the end of the 1980s, in order to provide increased variation in application sectors, from the mechanical division to electrical appliances and the automobile industry.

Its continuous updating regarding new high performance materials and its presses that can mould pieces of various sizes and materials have always made Ossiplast SRL extremely flexible.

The evolution of the company is also marked by the owner's willingness to offer the customers added value services for the industrialisation of the product.